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Speech and Language Therapist

Wade Therapy Services is a Speech & Language Therapy and Occupational Therapy assessment service specializing solely in SEND Tribunal assessments in both Wales and England.

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Chris Wade

BA (Hons) Linguistics, BSc (Hons) Clinical Language Sciences (Speech and Language Therapy)

Chris has had post graduate training in PECS, Intensive interaction, Makaton, TEACCH, Post-Basic Dysphagia (ALD and Pediatric), ADOS and ADI-R.


Chris is a Speech and Language Therapist and registered member of both Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists (RCSLT) and Health Care Professionals Council (HCPC). Snce qualifying, Chris has held six positions within the NHS at several hospitals across the country. His role included a lead Highly Specialist Speech and Language Therapist for Children with complex needs in mainstream schools and is a respected member of the CAMHS neurodevelopment diagnostic team for children and adolescents with suspected Autism Spectrum Disorders. Chris has also had extensive experience working directly for families internationally.


Chris has a clinical service lead, providing highly specialized SEN and EHCP Speech & Language Therapy assessments and tribunal representation for children and adolescents. Additionally he provides multidisciplinary assessments and intervention of children aged 3 and above; primarily working with children with social communication disorders aged 3 and above. Enhanced Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check



AAC (augmentative and alternative communication)

Articulation and phonology

Medico-legal (including reports for legal proceedings)

Autism Spectrum     Cerebral palsy

Dyslexia                     Intermediary work

Language disorder   Learning disability

Mental health           Selective mutism

Signing                       Stammering

Supervision               Visual impairment


What we can offer

Speech & Language Assessment

This is an objective assessment of your child’s Speech, Language and Communication needs and includes a detailed report with clear recommendations for therapy. Depending on your child’s age the assessment may be play based and with older children we always ensure it is fun! Where appropriate standardized assessments are used to allow us to compare your child with similarly aged children.


EHCP Tribunal/Medico-Legal Reports

Normally lasts between 2-3 hours and may take place over two settings. This is the time spent with the child and parent or teacher. The fee also includes detailed analysis of any formal assessments, language samples and observations carried out at the assessment session, review of any multi-disciplinary reports, liaison with professionals and the writing of a detailed report. This is suitable for clients who require an in-depth analysis of their communication profile.


Diagnostic Assessments

Multidisciplinary diagnostic assessments (including Autistic Spectrum Disorders)

Your assessment may involve working with our:

– Consultant Clinical Psychologist

– Consultant Speech & Language Therapist

– Consultant Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist

– Consultant Occupational Therapist

As a team we integrate both formal and informal Gold Standard assessments (including the ADOS 2 and ADI-r) in our diagnostic work and we also use our experienced clinical judgement when making a team decision on a particular diagnosis.


Attendance at Case Conferences, Multi-Disciplinary Meetings and Other Related Discussions

This will be charged at the standard hourly rate. An hour is usually sufficient time but if the session takes considerably longer then an additional pro rata charge may be incurred.


School Visits

Teachers often request school/nursery visits. Such visits are only made with parental agreement. These will be charged at the standard hourly rate. Once again, an hour is usually sufficient time; but if the session takes considerably longer, an additional pro rata charge may be incurred as above. Therapy undertaken in school on a regular basis is charged at the standard rate. Where home activities are provided, it is the responsibility of the parents/carers to ensure that the therapy materials are sent back on the appropriate day, and for informing us if their child will be absent from school.



Talks, workshops and training sessions for groups of parents and professionals can be arranged. These are charged at the standard hourly rate. Additional charges at the same rate will be made for time taken in preparation and the provision of handouts etc.


Website: www.wts.ltd/en


    Director – Chris Wade

    Chris@wts.ltd  07961810580


    PA – Gemma Sadler

   Gemma@wts.ltd     077911247373

Elizabeth McBarnet

Speech and Language Therapist

Elizabeth McBarnet is an Independent Speech and Language Therapist with 29 years experience working with a wide range of speech, language and communication difficulties. For the last 15 years she has run a successful private speech and language therapy practice in Ballyclare, Co. Antrim, working extensively with both adults and children.

Using formal and informal techniques, she is trained to diagnose, manage and treat communication difficulties using a combination of teaching, empowering and playing. She strongly believes that a child’s parents are their best teachers. So she encourages parents and other primary carers to be actively involved in the therapy process- nurturing parents so you can nurture your families. 

Elizabeth is HCPC registered, a member of RCSLT and ASLTIP. She will assess speech and language impairments; developmental delay; acquired speech/language/communication difficulties in adults; auditory processing difficulties; speech-sound difficulties; general confidence and presentation difficulties. She is a provider of Johansen Individualised Auditory Stimulation. She is also certified to provide ‘Hanen: More Than Words’ in parent groups or individual families in a one-to-one setting. 

As a parent, you realise how challenging it can be for your child with Autism Spectrum Disorder or other social communication difficulties to interact meaningfully with others and connect with the world around him.

Content from the Hanen Centre’s web site. Please click on the link below to go directly to the Hanen website to find out more about what you can gain from ‘More than Words’. 

More Than Words® — The Hanen Program® for Parents of Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder or Social Communication Difficulties

The More Than Words Program was designed specifically for parents of children ages 5 and under on the autism spectrum and with other social communication difficulties. Addressing the unique needs of these children, the program provides parents with the tools, strategies and support they need to help their children reach their full communication potential.

More Than Words does this by empowering you to help your child reach the following three goals:

  1. Improved social communication and back-and-forth interactions
  2. Improved play skills
  3. Improved imitation skills

Here are some of the valuable things you’ll learn when you attend the More Than Words Program:

  • What motivates your child to communicate
  • How to use your knowledge about your child to set appropriate and realistic goals
  • How to make interactions with your child last longer
  • Tips for using pictures and print to help your child’s understanding
  • Strategies for how to talk so that your child understands you
  • Strategies for developing your child’s play skills
  • Ways to help your child make friends

Contact Details:

Telephone: 028 9332 4144

Website: www.speechtherapyni.co.uk

Email: elizabeth@speechtherapyni.co.uk