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Susan Davis Nutritional Therapist & Nutritional Chef



Susan is a Nutritional Therapist based in Fordingbridge, Hampshire. She helps children and people to achieve good health. She works closely with the gut with diet and nutritional supplementation recommendations.

She has consulted with many families who have autistic children and is a mother to an autistic teenager. She has first hand experience of the complications and struggles with autism.

She has observed one thing commonly present in children with autism whether it be her own child or children she has provided therapy for, that there are ongoing digestive problems which need help. This may be bloating, loose stools, constipation or not tolerating foods. There are also documented nutritional deficiencies, gut flora imbalances and immune issues. She provides a full spectrum of biomedical testing for her clients and advice for diet modifications.

Current research has pointed to the importance of the microbiome, brain and lymphatic system and why it is important to improve this area of health.

She runs regular fermentation workshops in the local community where she teaches about fermenting vegetables and about drinks for gut health.

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