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Drayton Manor


Drayton Manor offer an ‘Easier Access System’ to anyone that has difficulty waiting or accessing the attractions via the conventional queuing system with a registered disability. This system is to provide easier access rather than faster access so there may still be an element of waiting time during busy periods.

As well as the wristband, the Guest will also be issued with a carer card that will enable them to take a maximum of 4 carers up through the exits of 10 attractions of their choice. When arriving at the park a band and carer card can be collected from the Guest Services Department on production of official documentation such as a letter of diagnosis from a doctor or hospital on an official letterhead.

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Legoland have recently opened a sensory room designed for guests with additional sensory needs. It is located within Heartlake City. They also hold a quiet hour between 2.00pm and 3.00pm every day in Star Wars Miniland. During this hour, there is increased lighting and sound effects are reduced in order to make the attraction more accessible to guests who require it.

Legoland provide a Ride Access Pass to guests with additional needs. The Ride Access Pass is a virtual queuing system accessible to the user by a Wi-Fi enabled device. The Ride Access Pass removes the need for our guests to wait within the main ride queue lines and allows guests to select their next ride from anywhere in the resort. Guests can explore the resort whilst waiting for their chosen attraction. Once you have had your session activated by Guest Services you will be shown a list of rides and waiting times which reflect the live queue times within the resort. Once you have selected your ride, a countdown will appear. Once your countdown has reached 00.00 a QR code will appear. You then can make your way to the accessible entrance where a team member will scan your code. It is worth noting that ride times are shortest at the start and end of the day. On each visit, a member of the Guest Services team will need to activate your Ride Access Pass for the day. Each member of your party will also be given hand stamps, a red one for the guest with the disability and black ones for the guests accompaning them. Photographic identification is needed on each and every occasion an application for a Ride Access Pass is made at Guest Services. There is a maximum of 4 people able to book on to one ride at any time.

When registering you will be required to provide some form of documentation stating the nature of disability. This documentation must be dated within the last 12 months and be in the form of a doctors letter that outlines the nature of the disability.

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Portaventura Salou

PortAventura Park grant an access pass to the rides without architectural barriers for visitors with disabilities or reduced mobility and those with certain neurodevelopmental disorders. A maximum of four companions are allowed, one must be an adult and be fully able to take responsibility for care. Guests also enjoy shows with unobstructed access in the places where the performances take place, accompanied by a maximum of one adult. Documentation must be provided stating the disability in the form of a doctor’s diagnosis letter.

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Alton Towers

Alton Towers provide Ride Access Passes to Guests who may find it difficult, or cannot stand for long periods of time either because of physical disability or learning/emotional impairment. This access comprises of red wristband and a Ride Access Pass. Documentation must be provided such as GP or Consultant letter on headed paper dated within the last 2 years which clearly states that you are unable to queue and why must be presented alongside valid photographic ID for the named recipient. We must insist that the letter from a medical professional states that you are unable to queue and why rather than just stating the diagnosis. There is also a white wristband available which ensures that staff can identify their needs and offer them full support, particularly in the case of an assisted.

Ride Access Passes place guests in a ‘virtual queue’ – they do not allow immediate and unrestricted access to rides. The mechanic is such that once you have completed your first ride your card will be marked with a time at which you can go on your second ride. The time will represent the current queue length from your first. This process will be repeated at each of the rides as you visit them. Once your card is completed, you can return it to the Resort Box Office for a new card. Please note that due the number of people entitled to Ride Access Passes, you may still have to wait.

Alton Towers provide the option to pre-register online for your Ride Access Pass. By visiting their website, you can input your details and upload the relevant paperwork. This will allow the team to prepare everything for your arrival. Once the application is confirmed you will receive a reference number that will then allow you to claim your Ride Access Pass without showing your documentation again at the resort. When using your unique reference number you will also need to present valid photographic identification. The resort offer a small number of ear defenders for children and adults that can be hired on the day for £20 refundable deposit.

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Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris offers a variety of services to help guests with disabilities. After arriving at Disney go to the Donald Desk, City Hall or Studio Services with a companion who should be an able-bodied person and at least 15 years of age. A reception Cast Member can you information about accessibility to attractions and an Access Card if required.

To receive a Priority Card, you must present your disability card or a medical certificate. Disneyland Paris issues 2 different types of Access Card, Priority Cards and Easy Access Cards. These allow disabled guests to access certain attractions via specially-adapted entrances. Each attraction has its own access arrangements. Easy Access Cards are for guests with a temporary illness. Priority Cards are for disabled guests. For safety reasons, to board the attractions all the visitors must be accompanied by an able-bodied person of at least 15 years of age who is able to help them. This is relevant to all visitors with mobility or visual impairments and those with cognitive disabilities, including those on the autism spectrum.

In order to receive a Priority Card you must produce evidence of the disability. A disability card, medical certificate or letter issued less than three months previously. It must be signed and stamped certifying that the person has a permanent disability. To receive an Easy Access Card guests must provide a medical certificate signed and stamped certifying that the person has a temporary illness such as has undergone surgery or is pregnant. A guest may have no more than 4 helpers and a helper must be present at the time the card is issued.

Disneyland Paris Parks Accessibility Map

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Efteling recommend that you arrange your entrance tickets, the ‘declaration disabled visitor’ and parking tickets online before your visit. On the day of your visit you can then pick up the facility Card at the Visitors’ Service Centre which is located on the left at Efteling’s main entrance. If you book your entrance tickets online, you will receive a small discount on the entry price.

The disabled visitor declaration states that you are unable to visit the attractions using the normal queues, and you may indicate whether you are able to visit the attraction alone or whether you need the help of a companion and an attraction employee. Efteling do not request any medical information concerning the nature of the disability. In order to make use of the facilities for visitors with a disability, you will need a facility card. This card is only valid for the duration of the entrance ticket. Your will receive the facility card on presentation of proof of identity and the disabled visitor declaration.

Efteling has two care rooms. These two rooms are located at the Volk van Laaf People village and at Station de Oost train station. You can pick up a key for the room at the Volk van Laaf Laaf People village from the first aid post in the Marerijk. The room at Station de Oost train station can be opened by one of the employees there. There is a relaxation room located in Ruigrijk. This room is intended for visitors who need a break and moment of rest during the day. You can pick up the key for the Relaxation Room at the first aid post in the Marerijk.

Efteling Disabled Visitor Declaration