Ollie Coaching

Ollie Coaches are therapeutically trained and work with children, young people and adults who already have challenges that they need help to overcome. The unique thing about the Ollie approach is it works just as effectively as a preventative and educative tool before day to day issues cause those very problems that end up in someone sat in front of a therapist.

Based on the Ollie stories, and the model that Alison Knowles has created from her work with children, they have developed a dynamic and unique approach to working with children and young people that is making a dramatic difference to children and young adults emotional resilience, wellbeing and mental health.

Their coaches are working with children and young people and adults across the UK in one to one sessions, in groups and in our Ollie kids programme. They use outcome measures to assess the effectiveness of this brief psychological intervention and more and more children, young people, parents and professionals are beginning to see what a difference this powerful approach can make to the challenges children and young people face in their lives.


Ollie Coaches are available across the country


Ollie now have therapists trained in the concept of Ollie operating throughout the UK allowing them to provide one-to-one dedicated Ollie Coaches where they are needed. Ollie is a very empowering addition to the tool box for anyone working with children.

They work with you to design bespoke packages to suit your unique requirements including working with you to create outcome measures specific to each child. They also provide ongoing training and support to staff in using the Ollie concept for communication and rapport building to help you get the very best from the children that you are working with.


Unique and Dynamic Approach

The Ollie model draws on the best of a range of therapeutic techniques including NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Positive Psychology, evolutionary psychology, story and metaphor therapy, hypnotherapy, modern psychotherapy and brief therapy. Above all, the model has been developed from what works effectively in practice and we are developing more and more dynamic aspects to this model all the time.

The true gift that they teach our coaches is how to harness the imagination and resources of the client because they believe every child, young person and adult faces difficulties because they are standing in their own way and at the same time they have everything they ned to navigate their way through the challenges they are facing however complex. So they don’t just enable a client to deal with their current challenges, they enable them to learn to do this for any future challenges as well. That is why the Ollie model is becoming more and more popular as an approach to resilience and wellbeing that can work across organisations for children, young people and adults.

Become an Ollie Coach

If you are already trained and work therapeutically with NLP, the great news for you is that they have a bespoke programme where you can learn about how to add the Ollie model and approach to your toolbox of techniques. 

If you don’t have a therapeutic NLP background, the great news is that they also have a training programme designed to give you all the skills you need to become an Ollie Coach.

If you would like more information on the Ollie concept or training for your organisations, their range of training programmes or if you would like to arrange a consultation for your child please get in touch with them.

The Ollie Coaching Programme

The programme is 8 days run over 5 months which is classroom based. With all the additional learning you will undertake through self-study and practice, they estimate about 350 hours total study time including 80 guided learning hours.  There includes webinar content on topics like safeguarding, attachment theory and the stages of child and adolescent development. They also have a marketing specialist in the team who helps to support you in building a business if that’s what you choose to do.

The Ollie Model is highly interactive, experiential and is based on some of the most up to date theory on what really works in practice. Their approach with children and adults is that change can be fun, playful and engaging. They aim to normalise and de-stigmatise any problem a client faces. It’s not about them as a person, it’s a learnt negative pattern that can be just as easily unlearned with the right approach that suits that particular client. 

Email: info@ollieandhissuperpowers.com