Occupational Therapy

Bryher Hill


Occupational Therapy Assessments, Treatment and Advice across South Wales for children and young people.


Bryher Hill is a HCPC Registered Occupational Therapist and has a passion for supporting children, young people, families and their educators in an affordable way.  She lives in Bridgend but works throughout South Wales.


What do Occupational Therapists do?


  • Occupations are what we do throughout the day: from getting out of bed, to going to school or work, to having hobbies.


  • Children and young people can experience disruption to their occupations due to injury, illness, disability, or family circumstances.


  • Occupational Therapists support children and young people to achieve their potential at home, at school or work, and in the community.


Throughout her many years that she has been working with children and young adults, she has built up a wide set of skills which she can use to address the majority of functional difficulties that her clients may be facing.

Bryher is able to provide:

  • Occupational Therapy assessments at home and/or school.  These can feed into the Additional Learning Needs assessment process if required and can include standardised assessments.
  • Occupational Therapy Treatment either as blocks of intervention or advice and consultancy.
  • Bespoke group treatments
  • Training for parent groups
  • Locum Occupational Therapy cover

Bryher is happy to accept referrals from anybody who needs help e.g. parents, young people, educators, Case Managers, Solicitors, charities, etc.  

The child or young person doesn’t need a diagnosis and doesn’t need other professionals involved to access SerenOT services.  

Please contact Bryher to discuss making a referral. Bryher prides herself on having a quick response rate.  

Telephone: 07305929433

Website: www.serenot.co.uk

Email: info@serenOT.co.uk


Alison Wyatt

Independent Occupational Therapist



Alison has 15 years experience of working with children with additional needs and 10 years experience of working with children and adults with acquired brain injury. Following a Music degree (BAHons), Alison completed a PGCert in Autism Education and MSc Occupational Therapy. Alison is registered with the HCPC and RCOT as an independent Occupational Therapist and is the founder of AWyattOT.

Alison has membership with RCOTSS-IP, RCOTSS-CYP and BABICM. Alison also works as a Case Manager for young adults with Brain Injury. Alison has completed additional training in Sensory Feeding Difficulties and The Listening Programme to further enhance her practice.

Alison completes OT assessments, designs and delivers 1:1 therapy programmes, provides bespoke Brain Injury rehabilitation programmes, group intervention programmes, delivers workshops, supports EHCP applications and delivers OT intervention on behalf of 3 local authorities. Alison is an OT consultant for several schools and organisations.

Breakthrough Therapy Solutions 

Apollo Avenue,

PE2 8LB, Peterborough,

City Of Peterborough,

England, United Kingdom

Telephone: +444 7874 901332

Website: https://awyattot.co.uk/

Email: awyattot@outlook.com