We are a family of 4, Mom, Dad, HarperLynn and our pet dog Roxy (not a service dog but a great companion to HarperLynn)
This page is our account about HarperLynn. We cover her journey of school and being pre-verbal. The struggles we encounter on a daily basis and the milestones she has hit so we can look back and see how far she’s come.
It’s very easy sometimes to think progress hasn’t been made but documenting on this page has helped me see how far she has actually come.
Happy as a mother is a platform focused on maternal (paternal) mental health. With free resources such as the Happy as a Mother podcast and an Instagram page that offers infographics on parenthood related issues, it aims to support parents of all walks of life in their own mental health.
The mental health of young children is deeply rooted in the parent’s mental health, so it is important that you care for yourself!
Movement Matters offers education and support for parents, caregivers, and teachers through their online courses and community. 
In these courses, you will learn the science of behavior, and how to implement sensory, motor, and behavior activities and strategies at home and in the classroom.
I teach in a special school for children with a dual diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder and moderate Global Developmental Delay. I am currently in an Early Intervention class for children aged 3 – 5.

I’m the Autism Nutritionist, a dietitian specializing in feeding therapy for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). I help parents learn how to add new foods to their child’s limited diet and so they feel more confident, comfortable, and calm about feeding their child

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Speechy Things focuses on empowering speech therapists and parents to help kids! Lindsey loves to explore and discuss all things autism, AAC, and sensory! 

After all, you cannot see progress without sensory considerations. It’s the foundation for everything!
I am an ASD Teacher. I have been working with children with Autism for 7 years. 
I am currently teaching in a Special Ed school. On my page I share ideas, resources and activities that I do with my class.
Hi I’m Emily, I’m 25 and I have Sensory Processing Disorder.
I am an illustrator and blogger living in the U.K. discussing daily living as a sensory-being over on my blog called 21andsensory. (I started my blog when I was 21 which explains the name 21andsensory!).
One of the aims of my blog is to bring people everywhere together to discuss their sensory problems and how they cope with their everyday lives. I want it to be recognised that sensory problems aren’t something children necessarily grow out of but learn to deal with for the rest of their lives. 
A bit more about me and my background: I also have anxiety/depression, mild OCD, hyperhydrosis and severe dyslexia (I was only assessed and told I was dyslexic when I was 19!). 
I have a first class (BA Hons) Graphic Design degree. I am a Graphic Designer full-time working solo in-house at a cool company (well I think so anyway!). I love my job as it gives my days structure and routine.