Therapeutic Riding

Ballyhara Equine Assisted Therapy


Ballyhara Equine Assisted Therapy

Two-mile water,
Co. Wicklow

Healing Hands Therapeutic Riding Centre are a family run equine assisted therapy centre, located on a farm in a calm and quiet atmosphere. They use specially trained horses and highly trained staff to facilitate people in the local and surrounding communities. All abilities are welcome. There is a sensory indoor arena and sensory trail. Therapeutic riding can be beneficial to those with autism spectrum disorders, anxiety disorders, behavioural and developmental disorders among others.

They offer a sibling programme at a reduced cost. They also offer therapeutic parent riding.

The cost per riding session:

1:1 with a Therapeutic Riding Coach 

€35.00, 1 coach, 1 horse handler and 1 side walker if necessary having a sidewalker depends on the individuals needs)

Tamdun riding(where a child cannot sit unsupported)

1 coach, 1 sidewalker, 1 horse handler and an experienced rider sitting astride the horse with the child.


Sibling programme:

Siblings ride together €55.00

087 6002599