Speech and Language Therapist

Jenny Hillier

Speech & Language Therapist


Jenny Hillier has over 9 years experience working as a Speech and Language Therapist both with children and adults. Jenny worked in private practice in Ireland upon graduating before relocating to Australia where she worked within the schooling system for 5 years helping to develop early literacy programmes, provide teacher training and individual student support. 

Jenny has since moved back to Ireland, became a mother twice over, worked with adolescents and adults with Autism and now runs her own paediatric private practice from the GP Family Practice in Johnstown.

Jenny is trained in the following communication programmes/ methods:


  • Lámh Sign


  • The Lidcombe Programme for Early Intervention of Stuttering


  • Cued Articulation


  • PECS


  • Grace App


  • DIR Floortime


  • Intensive Interaction


Jenny is also a member of the Irish Association of Speech and Language Therapists, Independent Speech and Language Therapists of Ireland and is registered with CORU. Appointments are available 3 days per week in Johnstown and Telehealth services are available for families who cannot travel. 


Jenny Hillier 

Johnstown Family Practice, 29 St John’s Grove, Johnstown, Co. Kildare

Telephone: 089 240 9608

Website: www.jhspeechtherapy.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/JennyHillierSLT

Instagram: www.instagram.com/jennyhillier_speechtherapy

Hannah Scully

Hannah Scully, MSc. CCC-SLP

The Speech Academy


Hannah Scully graduated with an honours degree from Clinical Speech and Language Studies, and has a post-graduate Masters in dysphagia (swallowing disorders), from Trinity College Dublin.

In her capacity as an SLT, Hannah has worked in a variety of multi-disciplinary settings for adults presenting with both progressive and acquired brain injuries, and associated speech, language and swallowing impairments. Hannah has experience working with ‘late-talkers’, speech sound delays & disorders, language impairments, fluency difficulties and children with autism,

Hannah is a member of the Irish Association of Speech and Language Therapists (IASLT), the Independent Speech Therapists of Ireland (ISTI) and the American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA) and is CORU registered. Hannah has an SLP, clinical competency certificate (SLP-CCC).

The Speech Academy prides itself on offering client centred individualised treatment programmes, for both adults and children, presenting with a wide range of communication and swallowing disorders. Hannah has worked in a number of school, home, acute-care, residential and rehabilitative settings.

However, The Speech Academy now offers consultations and therapy sessions via tele-therapy (FaceTime or Skype), where clients, parents, carers and/or teachers are provided with the knowledge and skills to become equipped in carrying out individualised home programmes, targeting the clients needs. Following the initial consultation and goal setting call, tele-therapy sessions take place weekly.



  • Speech sound delays or disorders


  • Language delays or disorders


  • Reading and writing difficulties


  • Social communication disorders


  • Voice Disorders


  • Eating, Drinking difficulties/ Swallowing Disorders


Please contact Hannah for more information, or to book a tele-consultation.


Website: www.thespeechacademy.ie


Facebook: @thespeechacademyirl_

Instagram: @thespeechacademy_

Stephanie Power Woodhouse

Speech Therapist



Communication Playgroups are dedicated to parents and their children with any type of communication and/or language difficulty. The main goal in these groups is to empower parents with the tools they need to function in everyday life, while helping their children develop their communication skills, particularly in the early years.

The 50-minute playgroup sessions are aimed at children aged 0-4 years and their parent/carer. Groups usually run for consecutive blocks of 6 weeks. During each session they cover a topic related to communication and/or language development. They have toys and games related to the topics, to model what you could do at home. All work done with the children is done through play.

Some examples of topics discussed during Communication Playgroups include engagement, the importance of interest in the world, turn taking, attention, etc.

At the moment Stephanie is preparing for a new form of group work: Social Skills Training. This will involve the teaching of social skills such as eye contact, proximity, turn taking, etc to a slightly older age group: 5-8 year olds. Such skills will be taught in a practical and fun way through play and games.

Stephanie has been a speech therapist for the past 16 years. She graduated from the University of Malta where she has worked in Clinics, Mainstream & Special schools and hospitals for 7 years. She has been working in Ireland after moving in 2009, in a Private Practice where she worked closely with a team of Occupational Therapists working with children with Dyspraxia, Sensory Processing Disorder and Autism. She has also worked with a Charity Organisation.

Three years ago after personal experience with the health services, Stephanie decided to start Communication Playgroups. Her practice has grown gradually, working with parents in groups and/or individually. She has also given talks about speech and language development.

Contact information:

Email: santrylanguageplaygroups@outlook.com

Telephone: 086-87 88 537

Website: communicationplaygroups.wordpress.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/communicationplaygroups

Niamh Davis

Speech & Language Therapist

Trim, Co. Meath

Niamh is a highly skilled and experienced therapist providing speech and language therapy assessment and treatment services to children and adults with communication and/or swallowing difficulties in Meath, Kildare and Dublin.

Niamh is committed to keeping up to date with evidence based practice and maintaining her professional development.

Appointments are offered at her office in Trim, Co. Meath or at your home. Free initial telephone consultation. Training sessions available in pre schools, schools and residential care settings.

Contact Details:

Telephone: 046  9490909 / 086 1967099

Website: www.niamhdavisspeechtherapy.com

Email: info@niamhdavisspeechtherapy.com

Catriona Lysaght

Catriona Lysaght
Speech and Language Therapist

Catriona Lysaght is a well-known private Speech and Language Therapist, who has worked extensively with children and adults at all stages of life, with a wide variety of speech, language, communication and swallowing difficulties. She has a particular interest in children with speech and language delay and disorder, whether as a result of a disability or in typical developmental patterns. She also specialises in swallowing disorders, and provides dysphagia services to care centres across Ireland, including online dysphagia training.

Catriona prides herself on offering a top quality, tailor-made Speech and Language Therapy service for each individual and family under her care. She started working in private practice in 2010, setting up a small business called The Speech Centre. This has since grown to be the largest private speech and language therapy business in Ireland, a true testament to the exceptional speech therapy that Catriona and her team provide. There are now branches of The Speech Centre located in Dublin, Wexford, Castlebar, Galway, Tralee, Killarney, Mallow and Mitchelstown. Each branch of The Speech Centre has a local therapist dedicated to their own clients’ needs, and with particular areas of interest. If you would like to get in touch with Catriona or her team, just contact your local branch.

The following are just some of the client groups that Catriona works with at The Speech Centre:

AUTISM SPECTRUM and related disorders

DOWN SYNDROME and other chromosomal disorders








Catriona chose to be listed on this website because of the services she provides, and her keen interest in working with children and adults with additional needs.  

For more information about Catriona and her practice please visit her website www.thespeechcentre.com, or contact her directly on 085 2175111 or info@thespeechcentre.com.

The Speech Centre clinics are available nationwide. Please click here to contact your local branch.