Little Puddins

I am Amanda Mc Guinness, Autism Writer, Blogger and Educator. I have 4 children; my oldest daughter Hailey and my 3 Autistic sons; Conor (9), Jack (5) and Max (2). 
Online, I help to support other Special Needs families by writing about my experiences as a Special Needs mom. I share educational resources for FREE over on my website and answer parents questions daily over on my Instagram 
My oldest son Conor was one of the youngest infants ever diagnosed with Autism in County Mayo at the time and was also one of the most severe cases of Autism that had ever been seen. Conor’s diagnosis has altered my life’s course and has enabled me to reach thousands of families around the world since. What started out as a lonely life driving the roads of Ireland at night on my own with my little boy has resulted in a happy family life, busy and stressful but full of love. 
I am a Law Graduate and use my academic skills to educate my children at home. I regularly share my educational resources and advices for free on line with parents. I home school my two oldest sons and have taught Conor to read, write and do basic maths. 
I would love to have you come along this journey with us. You can find me over on Instagram daily or on my website 
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