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Jordane Marie Play Therapy

Jordane Salmon Pg. Dip. MA

Jordane is a qualified play therapist and a trainee psychotherapist, studying
with the Childrens Therapy Centre. She works with children and
adolescents aged 3-18 years. Jordane offers one-to-one creative/play
therapy sessions and delivers talks and workshops for parents and

Jordane is a pre-accredited member of the Irish Association of Play 
Therapy and Psychotherapy (IAPTP).
Play Therapy and creative psychotherapy is a form of therapy that uses
play or creative materials as a means to help children or adolescents to
express or communicate their feelings and thoughts. It provides children
and adolescents with a trusting, safe environment to explore their inner
world and experiences in a self-healing process. These experiences are
communicated to the therapist through play or creative media. For
adolescent clients, therapy is primarily verbal but creative materials like art,
sand trays, music etc may be used.
Jordane Marie Play Therapy is non-directive/client-centred, meaning it is
non intrusive and the therapist follows the child’s or adolescent’s lead and
direction. Children play freely and are the ‘boss’ of play, playing at their
own pace. Play and toys are used so that the child can fully express
themselves, where they cannot with words, becoming aware of their own
thoughts and emotions.


All therapy sessions take place in an equipped and comfortable playroom,
where there are very few rules or limits, allowing the therapist to observe
the child’s choices, decisions and play styles. The goal is to help children
and adolescents become more self-aware, learn better solutions and
coping strategies, and a more positive way to solve problems.

02 Presentation Place,
Tullow Street,
Carlow Town,
Telephone: +353 86 196 0932

Ber Carroll

Accredited Parent Mentor. Child and Adolescent Therapist.

Sensory Attachment Intervention Practitioner.


Ber is a mother and a grandmother who has worked extensively with both parents and children for the last 30 years. Ber started firstly as a Director of Sonas Montessori School and then worked as a Learning Support and Resource Teacher at Primary School Level. She completed further studies with a BA Psychology and English Literature, followed by a Post Graduate Diploma in Play Therapy, Diploma in Parent Mentoring and Sensory Attachment Intervention Therapy. More recently she qualified with a Post Grad Cert in Teaching and Learning at 3rd Level and she now lectures part-time with U.C.C.

Presently her work includes her private consultancy where she offers Play/Creative Therapy for children aged 3-18 years along with working with individuals, parent and child engagement, helping to create family wellbeing and a secure base where healing takes place. She also offer training, workshops and seminars to teachers, child care workers, social workers, family support workers, and all professionals who are working with children and families. Ber is presently studying for a Diploma in Supervision Play Therapy.

The following are the hallmarks of her practice:

Parents always do their best and need only to be “good enough”.

Adults hold the key to the future and when they have opportunities to reflect on their lives children thrive.

I believe that all behaviour makes sense, adults’ and children’s alike and is a form of communication. When we understand what lies beneath the behaviour, the purpose of it, we will be able to resolve the challenges it presents.

I look beyond the labels that may have been imposed on a child and see the potential and true spirit of the child and help the parents to so the same.

All children are geniuses. Intelligence goes miles beyond the classroom walls.

Punishment is unnecessary and unhelpful, it instils fear and lowers self-esteem.

Discipline with love, choices and boundary setting lead to empowerment and high self-esteem

Further Training to date:

  • Sensory Attachment Intervention
  • Attachment and Psychopathology DMM ( Patricia Crittenden)
  • Sand Play Therapy Rocky Mountain Institute
  • CHippa Child Assessment Through Play (Karen Stagnetti)
  • Responding Therapeutically to Child Sexual Abuse (Eileen Prendiville).
  • SEe FaR CBT Beyond Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. New protocol for treatment of Anxiety and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). (Mooli Lahad)

Ber has given workshops and talks for students, parents and teachers in many schools. She has also done consultation work for individual children in schools.                

Agencies including Tusla, Towards Healing and MSD Ireland have engaged her support.

Ber Carroll

Nurturing Family Wellbeing

@ Midland Parenting and Child Therapy Centre

Dalystown, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath.



Telephone: +353872103247

Sunbeams Play Therapy Becky Lawlor

Becky Lawlor BA, Pg. Dip.

Play Therapist
Becky is a qualified Play Therapist with a background in Education. She has experience working with children from 3 -14 years. She offers One to One Play Therapy Sessions and Parent Consultations.

Research has found that Play Therapy can be helpful for all children, as it helps to grow their confidence, self-esteem, problem solving and coping skills. Play therapy is an suitable intervention for those with social or emotional problems, learning difficulties, behavioural disorders, anxiety, depression, grief, or anger, as well as those with attention deficit disorders or who are on the autism spectrum.

“Play Therapy allows children to express their thoughts, feelings and emotions through their primary form of communication – play! Through this therapeutic play, children can develop their play skills, problem solving skills, resiliency, self-regulation, and coping skills, which can help alleviate the problems they may be facing outside of the play room.”


7B Balbriggan Street
21 Fairview,
Dublin 3.