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Deirdre Griffin

Educational Psychologist


Deirdre has been working as an Educational Psychologist since 1999.  She originally started working with the ISPCC and then Barnardos before becoming a Mum and deciding to focus on Educational Assessments.  Her background of looking at children in the broader context of their emotional, social and education needs has been invaluable in developing my role as an Educational Psychologist.  When assessing children, teenagers and adults cognitive ability she considers a broad understanding of their well-being and personal context when generating by findings.

Typically, people equate their learning skills with their results in exams.  An assessment does something different. It breaks learning down into distinct clusters. These are verbal processing (learning by listening), fluid reasoning (problem solving), visual spatial reasoning, working memory (attention/concentration span) and processing speed.  This gives us really useful information about about a person’s learning strengths and difficulties.

Having established a learning profile, they then look at how well a person is performing in reading, spelling, math and writing.   If any specific learning difficulties like Dyslexia, Dyscalculia are in the mix, they will be revealed by looking at the types of mistakes a person makes as well as a discrepancy between their overall ability and their attainment scores.

Deirdre likes to include an emotional/behaviour screening test in my assessment.  This can reveal very important information about how “available” the client is to learning.  If life is difficult, learning is difficult. Deirdre has trained in Mediation, Trauma counselling, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and coaching.

She likes to bring her broad skills together when using the Friends for Life programme.  This is a rated and researched programme which has been shown to increase resilience while reducing anxiety.  The programme is offered at a whole class level, small group level and at times on a one to one basis depending on needs.

Her clients have ranged in age from 2 years old to 68 years old, and is hoping to one day assess older clients as she knows the relief and understanding assessments can bring, no matter what age a person is.

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